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TitleMarihuana as a therapeutic agent for muscle spasm or spasticity.
Author(s)Petro DJ
Journal, Volume, IssuePsychosomatics 1980;21(1):81, 85
Major outcome(s)Relief from spasticity and pain

No abstract available.
The first of the two case reports:
A 30-year-old woman received multiple injuries in an automobile accident in 1970, including fractures of the pelvis, right patella, L-5 vertebra, and multiple ribs. Her recovery was complicated by persistent, severe pain and muscle spasms of the neck and low back, which were treated using medication including meperidine, pentazocine, and diazepam. When we first saw her in cosultation in 1974, her neurologic examination was normal except for bilateral tenderness of the paraspinal muscles in the neck and a subtle sensory loss to light touch over the C-5 dermatome on the left. She complained that the medication caused excessive sedation, interfering with her work. In addition, the long-term consequences of combination drug use concerned her. We discussed alternative therapy with conventional drugs. Since the occurrence of the automobile accident, the woman had abstained from cannabis use.
Over a period of three months, the woman eliminated use of medication for pain and muscle spasm and substituted cannabis when symptoms occurred. She reported that the cannabis produced both analgesic and muscle-relaxant effects without the drug side-effects that had disturbed her. Nor did it produce drowsiness. In four years of intermittent use, she claims her cannabis pattern has not changed; she uses up to one cannabis cigarette every second or third evening.

Duration (days)
Participants1 patient with multiple sclerosis; 1 patient with spinal cor
DesignUncontrolled case report
Type of publicationMedical journal
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