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TitleIntractable neuropathic pain due to ulnar nerve entrapment treated with cannabis and ketamine 10%.
Author(s)Hesselink JM, Kopsky DJ.
Journal, Volume, IssueJ Clin Anesth. 2012 Feb;24(1):78-9.
Major outcome(s)Significant pain improvement with cannabis and ketamine.

From the IACM-Bulletin:

Two doctors from the Institute for Neuropathic Pain in Soest, The Netherlands, reported of a 56 year old woman suffering from severe chronic neuropathic pain due to damage of the right ulnar nerve. During her life she had had several fractures and surgeries of her right arm. Since 1996 she suffers from pain in the innervation area of the ulnar nerve, which is mainly the area of the fourth and fifth finger. The pain increased in the following years with a pain intensity of 7 on an 11-point numerical rating scale (NRS) with "0=no pain" and "10=highest possible pain," despite the use of opiates and other pain medication.
She stopped the medication due to severe side effects and started using oral cannabis (0.5 grams per day in cookies) resulting in the reduction of pain intensity from 8 to 5 on the pain scale. Adding ketamine cream twice daily further reduced the pain (pain scale: 2 to 3). Ketamine is a medicinal drug used for general anaesthesia and also for pain reduction. Authors concluded: "Ketamine and cannabis may act synergistically because cross-talk exists and the cannabinoid and the opioid receptor systems also have synergistic interactions."

Duration (days)
Participants1 patient with chronic neuropathic pain
DesignUncontrolled case report
Type of publicationMedical journal
Address of author(s)
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