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TitleReposition of a dislocated shoulder under use of cannabis.
Author(s)Schweizer A, Bircher HP.
Journal, Volume, IssueWilderness Environ Med. 2009 Fall;20(3):301-2.
Major outcome(s)Pain and muscular tone decreased and the shoulder was relocated easily.

No abstract available.

From the IACM-Bulletin:

Doctors of the University of Zurich and the Kantonsspital Zug, Switzerland, reported of the use of cannabis to facilitate the reposition of a dislocated shoulder in a rock climber. Without cannabis the athletic 22-year-old patient had very high muscular tone, and after 20 minutes the shoulder still could not be relocated. Another climber who was present mentioned that he was carrying cannabis with him. With the intention to induce muscular relaxation, the patient agreed to inhalational administration of cannabis. He took several deep inhalations and after approximately 5 minutes, the pain and muscular tone decreased considerably, and the shoulder was relocated easily on the first try.

Doctors wrote that in the "described case the muscle relaxant effect of cannabis was quite remarkable, as repositioning the dislocated shoulder was accomplished with ease after cannabis administration." They concluded that "cannabis ingredients may be effective in certain circumstances as an emergency muscle relaxant."

Dose(s)some puffs of a cannabis cigarette
Duration (days)1
Participants1 patient with dislocated shoulder
DesignUncontrolled case report
Type of publicationMedical journal
Address of author(s)University Clinic Balgrist, Orthopedic Department, Zürich, Switzerland
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