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TitleEffective treatment of Tourette’s syndrome with marijuana.
Author(s)Hemming M, Yellowlees PM.
Journal, Volume, IssueJ Psychopharmacol 1993;7:389–391
Major outcome(s)Improvement of symptoms with cannabis
IndicationTourette's syndromeAbstract

A single case report is described where marijuana appears to have been an effective treatment modality for symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome. Other possible treatment modalities are excluded. It is concluded that there is a need for further work examining the INTERACTIONs between marijuana, nicotine and the symptomatology of Tourette’s syndrome.

Duration (days)
ParticipantsA man with Tourette's syndrome
DesignUncontrolled case report
Type of publicationMedical journal
Address of author(s)Clinical Nurse Consultant/Manager and Visiting Psychiatrist, Far West Mental Health Service, New South Wales, Australia
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