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TitleAnalgesic effect of the cannabinoid analogue nabilone is not mediated by opioid receptors.
Author(s)Hamann W, di Vadi PP.
Journal, Volume, IssueLancet 1999;353(9152):560.
Major outcome(s)Relieve of pain
IndicationMultiple sclerosis;PainAbstract

(no abstract available)
Excerpt from the case report:
"(...) The patient had been suffering with severe and intractable pain in both legs caused by multiple sclerosis. The pain was eventually relieved by a low daily dose of nabilone (1 mg twice a day), after a large variety of unsuccessful trials with antineuropathic and antinociceptive treatments. (...) The VAS (initial value: 8) started to decrease 10 min after oral nabilone was taken and dropped to 0 (no pain) after 120 min; it remained unchanged for an additional 120 min and then started to return. At the time the patient left (260 min after oral nabilone intake), the pain was still reduced (VAS: 5). (...)."

Dose(s)2 x 1mg
Duration (days)1
Participants1 patient with multiple sclerosis and pain
DesignOpen study
Type of publicationMedical journal
Address of author(s)Pain Management Unit, Department of Anaesthetics, Guy's Hospital, London, UK
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