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TitleDronabinol stimulates appetite and causes weight gain in HIV patients.
Author(s)Plasse T, Conant M, Gorter R, Shepard KV
Journal, Volume, IssueInternational Conference on AIDS 1992;8(3):122 (abstract no. PuB 7442)
Major outcome(s)increase in appetite, trend toward weight gain
IndicationHIV/AIDS; Appetite loss/weight loss; DepressionAbstract

OBJECTIVE: To test the effect of dronabinol (delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol) on appetite and weight in symptomatic HIV patients (pts). METHODS: Forty pts with symptomatic HIV infection who were actively losing weight were entered into this dose ranging study of dronabinol (Marinol, Roxane Laboratories, Columbus OH). After a one week baseline period, pts were treated for 4 weeks; to be evaluable for efficacy, patients had to receive at least 3 weeks' medication. Pts were weighed and completed a questionnaire on physical and psychological symptoms weekly; they completed 100mm visual analog scales for hunger before each meal. Of 40 pts entered, 10 withdrew due to suspected adverse effects of study medication and 7 due to other causes. RESULTS: TABULAR DATA, SEE ABSTRACT VOLUME. CONCLUSIONS: In this open pilot study, dronabinol 2.5 mg bid was well tolerated and caused a significant increase in appetite, improvement of symptoms and a strong trend toward weight gain.

Dose(s)2.5 mg twice daily
Duration (days)28
Participants40 patients with AIDS
DesignControlled study
Type of publication
Address of author(s)UNIMED Inc., Somerville, NJ., USA
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