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TitleTHC improves appetite and reverses weight loss in AIDS patients
Author(s)Dejesus E, Rodwick BM, Bowers D, Cohen CJ, Pearce D
Journal, Volume, IssueJ Int Assoc Physicians AIDS Care 2007;6(2):95-100.
Major outcome(s)THC improved appetite and weight and reduced nausea
IndicationNausea/vomiting;Appetite loss/weight loss;HIV/AIDSAbstract

Objective: To determine whether dronabinol affects appetite and weight status in patients living with HIV/AIDS. METHODS: A retrospective chart review was conducted to analyze weight and appetite changes and nausea status in patients with HIV/AIDS who received dronabinol for 3 to 12 months from January 11, 1993, to March 17, 2003. RESULTS: Of the 117 patients who lost weight before baseline, 63% maintained or gained weight. In patients receiving dronabinol for 1 year, the mean weight gain (+/- SD) was 3.7 +/- 10.6 lb. The percentage of patients experiencing loss of appetite decreased significantly from 71% at baseline to 26% at 1 month (P < .001) and continued to decline throughout the trial. The percentage of patients experiencing nausea at baseline (38%) decreased consistently from week 2 on; this change from baseline was significant at month 6 (P = .031). CONCLUSION: When taken for 3 months to 1 year, dronabinol significantly improves appetite and reverses weight loss in patients living with HIV/AIDS.

Duration (days)90-365
Participants117 patients with HIV/AIDS
DesignOpen study
Type of publicationMedical journal
Address of author(s)Orlando Immunology Center, Orlando, Florida,
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