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TitleThe effect of delta-9-THC on human spasticity.
Author(s)Hanigan WC, Destree R, Truong XT.
Journal, Volume, IssueClinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 1986;39:198.
Major outcome(s)Delta-9-THC proved clinically beneficial in two of five patients with intractable spasticity.

Five patients with traumatic paraplegia were given oral Delta-9-THC at 35 mg/day in a double blind, 20-day crossover trial. Separate investigators graded muscle resistance and deep tendon reflexes while patients and nursing staff evaluated spasticity using a visual analog scale. Mean scores for each trial period were compared using unpaired t-tests.
In two patients significant reductions in stretch resistance and reflex activity were demonstrated during the Delta-9-THC period. Both patients identified the active drug with reduction in spasticity scores. No change in stretch resistance or reflex activity was demonstrated in a third patients although both nursing staff and patient evaluation agreed on a reduction in the spasticity score. No significant changes were seen in the fourth patient. One patient withdrew from the study because of negative emotional side effects. In summary, Delta-9-THC proved clinically beneficial in two of five patients with intractable spasticity. Two patients showed no objective effects while negative psychological side effects limited its use in the remaining patient.

Dose(s)35 mg
Duration (days)20
Participants5 patients with traumatic paraplegia
DesignControlled study
Type of publicationMedical journal
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