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TitleCannabis effect on spasticity in spinal cord injury.
Author(s)Malec J, Harvey RF, Cayner JJ.
Journal, Volume, IssueArch Phys Med Rehabil. 1982 Mar;63(3):116-8.
Major outcome(s)Decreased spasticity with marijuana use
IndicationSpasticity;Spinal cord injuryAbstract

A study was done to examine the perceived effects of cannabis on spasticity of spinal cord injured persons. Data compiled from 43 questionnaires of spinal cord injured persons suggested the following: 1) spinal cord injured persons reported decreased spasticity with marijuana use; 2) present use of marijuana correlated positively with past use; and 3) the person's reference or peer group contributed significantly to current use. The study suggests the need to examine the relationship between measurable and reported changes in spasticity.

Duration (days)
Participants43 spinal cord injured persons
Type of publicationMedical journal
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