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TitleEffect of Delta-9-THC on EMG Measurements in Human Spasticity
Author(s)Truong XT, Hanigan WC
Journal, Volume, IssueClin Pharmacol Ther Feb 1986
Major outcome(s)THC reduced several types of spastic manifestations

Five subjects were given oral Delta-9-THC at 35 mg/day in a double-blind, 20-day crossover trial. Determinations of the Achilles reflex, H reflex, electrical and vapo-coolant skin stimulation, and dynamic stretching of the gastrocnemius-soleus muscles were made in the right lower extremity every other day during the trial. Individual mean scores for each trial period were compared using unpaired t-tests.
Delta-9-THC produced significant reduction of spasticity in the tendon tap, cold spray, and stretching responses in three subjects. Four subjects showed reduction in the electrical skin stimulation response while changes in the H reflex did not occur in any patient.
In summary, Delta-9-THC appeared to significantly reduce one or several types of spastic manifestations in all the subjects during the Delta-9-THC period. The lack of effects on the H reflex indicates that Delta-9-THC exerts its effect through multisynaptic pathways rather than a direct influence on the excitability of the alpha motor neurons.

Dose(s)35 mg/day
Duration (days)20
DesignControlled study
Type of publicationMeeting abstract
Address of author(s)Depts. Rehab. Med. & Neurosci., St. Francis Med. Ctr., Peoria, IL.
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