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TitleThe effect of cannabis on tremor in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Author(s)Fox P, Bain PG, Glickman S, Carroll C, Zajicek J.
Journal, Volume, IssueNeurology 2004;62(7):1105-9.
Major outcome(s)No significant improvement of tremor
IndicationMultiple sclerosis;TremorAbstract
MedicationCannabis;Delta-9-THC;Other cannabinoids

BACKGROUND: Disabling tremor is common in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).
Data from animal model experiments and subjective and small objective studies
involving patients suggest that cannabis may be an effective treatment for
tremor associated with MS. To our knowledge, there are no published double-blind
randomized controlled trials of cannabis as a treatment for tremor in MS
patients. METHODS: The authors conducted a randomized double-blind
placebo-controlled crossover trial to examine the effect of oral cannador
(cannabis extract) on 14 patients with MS with upper limb tremors. There were
eight women and six men, with a mean age of 45 years and mean Expanded
Disability Status Scale score of 6.25. Patients were randomly assigned to
receive each treatment and the doses escalated over a 2-week period before each
assessment. The primary outcome was change on a tremor index, measured using a
validated tremor rating scale. The study was powered to detect a functionally
significant 50% improvement in the tremor index. Secondary outcomes included
accelerometry, an ataxia scale, spiral drawing, finger tapping, and nine-hole
pegboard test performance. RESULTS: Analysis of the data showed no significant
improvement in any of the objective measures of upper limb tremor with cannabis
extract compared to placebo. Finger tapping was faster on placebo compared to
cannabis extract (p < 0.02). However, there was a nonsignificant trend for
patients to experience more subjective relief from their tremors while on
cannabis extract compared to placebo. CONCLUSIONS: Cannabis extract does not
produce a functionally significant improvement in MS-associated tremor.

Dose(s)2.5-10.0 mg twice daily
Duration (days)28
Participants14 patients with multiple sclerosis and tremor
DesignControlled study
Type of publicationMedical journal
Address of author(s)Peninsula Medical School, Plymouth, UK.
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