Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics

The Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics is the official Journal of the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine. It is edited by Dr. Ethan Russo and published by Haworth Press, Binghamton, New York.

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About the Journal
The peer-reviewed Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics is the new journal for doctors, researchers, and other health professionals who want current information on the use of cannabis in treatments for neurological and other diseases as well as the latest research on endogenous and synthetic cannabinoids. This fascinating journal covers the history of cannabis; its clinical applications and components, such as essential fatty acids and essential oils; and the biochemical and pharmacological functions of cannabinoids in man and animals as well as related legislative/legal issues.
With the goal of facilitating advances in education concerning the history, pharmacology, biochemistry, toxicology, behavioral, psychological, and social effects of cannabis and the cannabinoids, the research published in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics is already sparking interest in the scientific/medical community! This vital publication will help you identify and promote a better understanding of the role of cannabinoids in human physiology and disease treatment. Containing original research, review articles, abstracts, in-depth analyses, and reports on pertinent international legislation affecting clinical cannabis use and research, the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics also helps you to gain a better understanding of current issues in this growing and important area of medicine.
Providing you with cutting-edge developments in the field of cannabis and cannabinoid research, the journal offers several features, including:

Intelligent and comprehensive, the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics is a useful addition to current medical literature and foster a greater understanding of this new branch of clinical and therapeutic application.

  Contents: Volume 1, No. 1: Volume 1, No. 2: Volume 1, Nos. 3/4-Thematic Issue:
Cannabis Therapeutics in HIV/AIDS
Editor: Ethan Russo, MD