Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics

Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics

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Year 2003 - Edition No. 2


E. Russo

J Cannabis Ther 2003(1):1-2


Cannabis in HIV/AIDS

M.A. Ware, S. Rueda, J. Singer, D. Kilby

Cannabis Use by Persons Living with HIV/AIDS: Patterns and Prevalence of Use

J Cannabis Ther 2003(2):3-15

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F. Grotenhermen, M. Schnelle

Survey on the Medical Use of Cannabis and THC in Germany

J Cannabis Ther 2003(2):17-40

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Palliative Care

R. Gallagher, J.A. Best, G. Fyles, P. Hawley, W. Yeomans

Attitudes and Beliefs about the Use of Cannabis for Symptom Control in a Palliative Population

J Cannabis Ther 2003(2):41-50

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Cultivation of Cannabis

Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Guidelines for Cultivating Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes [Voorschriften voor de Verbouw van Cannabis voor Medicinale Doeleinden]

J Cannabis Ther 2003(2):51-61

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Meeting Report

J. McPartland, E. Russo, D. Hadorn, W. Notcutt, M. Ware, J. Hampton Atkinson

Cannabinoids and Pain Management Symposium: American Academy of Pain Management 13th Annual Clinical Meeting, 2002, Reno, NV, USA

J Cannabis Ther 2003(2):63-71

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Book Review

M. Ware

Book Review

J Cannabis Ther 2003(2):73-74

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