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J Cannabis Ther 2002(2):3-36

Music Perception and Hearing

Topographic EEG Changes Accompanying Cannabis-Induced Alteration of Music Perception - Cannabis as a Hearing Aid?

J. Fachner

An explorative study on cannabis and music perception is presented, conducted in a qualitative and quantitative way in a habituated setting. EEG-brainmapping data (4 subjects; rest-pre/post listening; 28 EEG traces; smoked cannabis containing 20 mg delta-9-THC with tobacco) were averaged and analyzed with a T-Test and a visual topographic schedule. Compared to pre-THC-rest and pre-THC-music, the post-THC-music EEG showed a rise of alpha percentage and power in parietal cortex on four subjects, while other frequencies decreased in power. Comparing pre/post music EEGs, differences (p < 0.025) were also found in the right fronto-temporal cortex on theta, and on alpha in left occipital cortex. Results represent an inter-individual constant EEG correlate of altered music perception, hyperfocusing on the musical time-space and cannabis-induced changes on perception of musical acoustics. Cannabis might be of help for hearing impaired persons.

Music, ethnography, electroencephalography, brainmapping, EEG, significance mapping, personality, auditory perception, acoustics, hearing impaired, cannabis, medical marijuana

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